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Our First Podcast Experience!

It all started out as just a dream – to share our story with the world. What began as a small venture, Cipher Block Studios is now experiencing its first big breakthrough – joining Travis Pointer on his podcast series, Creatia World! Our CEO Kristian Walker and lead developer/artist Kenn talked about our mission, team culture, and what drives us in creating Cipher Block Studios— everything from designing video games to producing comics for readers of all ages. It was an amazing experience that we won’t soon forget! We enjoyed speaking with Travis who brought his signature wit and charm making it a genuine pleasure to share our story with listeners from around the world. It was a wild ride as he interviewed us about our journey so far at Cipher Block Studios. From knowledge-hungry gamers, comic readers hungry for adventure, cosplayers wanting to spice up their life in costume form, or podcast enthusiasts curious about behind-the-scenes insight… this post has something for everyone! Join us on our journey as we discuss our company’s origins and future expansion plans!

Introducing Cipher Block Studios – Who We Are and What We Do

If you’re reading this, you might already know that Cipher Block Studios is an independent game developer, currently creating action-based love story games in both manga and video game formats. We are determined to create the best quality content possible by using our unique skillset in Manga design, 3D modeling, and programming. Cipher Block Studios’ goal is to expand our horizons by bringing these games to consoles like PS5/Xbox One for mass consumption!

Cipher Block Studios is the perfect match of passion, drive, and skill.

Not only are we game development professionals, but our unique skillset in manga design, 3D modeling, and programming allow us to create experiences that exceed expectations. We’re working hard to deliver an unforgettable experience with our action-based love story RPG game, Soul Seeker, which will be available on video game platforms such as PS5/Xbox One. Furthermore, our diverse range of technological capabilities extends even beyond game development to software development, music production, and even competing in the speedrunning community. From a small indie game developer to a full-fledged tech company, the possibilities for Cipher Block Studios are endless!

The Podcast Interview – What It Was Like For Us

Going on our first podcast interview with Travis Pointer was both exciting and nerve-wracking. It was a unique opportunity to build our presence as Cipher Block Studios and to represent all of our team’s tireless dedication to creating something special. Despite the initial butterflies in our stomachs, we felt confident that the conversation was going to be informative and entertaining. We shared how our vision for building interactive experiences came together and the podcast gave us a platform to chat about our successes and lessons learned during development. It was an incredible privilege to be welcomed into Create World’s platform, giving us an unforgettable experience that affirmed why we created Cipher Block Studios.

Our Creative Process and How We Approach Challenges

At Cipher Block Studios, the creative process starts with our leads- our CEO and lead developer/artist. Through their collaborative brainstorming, they are able to craft innovative solutions to every challenge. During our recent appearance on Creatia World, we sat down with Travis Pointer to discuss our approach. During the podcast we discussed how Cipher Block Studios formed an incredible team that can develop both technical and aesthetic aspects for all kinds of projects; This partnership enables us to think outside the box when solving even the toughest problems. We’re proud of this approach and looking forward to helping many people through our technology!

Our Tips for Fellow Creatives on Making a Mark in the Industry

At Cipher Block studios, we know first-hand how hard it is to make a name for yourself in the industry. That’s why our Cipher Block Studios gave their best advice on making a mark on the Creatia World podcast. They emphasized the importance of being your authentic self so that your actions can speak louder than words, in addition to having a plan and not letting fear of failure be an excuse. Listening to them talk about their passion makes us realize that no matter what your field may be, with enough commitment, determination, and most importantly yourself, you are capable of succeeding!

We learned a ton about how to prepare for being on a podcast and how important our past is in determining our futures.

It’s no secret that navigating the world of tech and development is daunting, but we dove deep into what it takes to be successful. From being podcast-ready to creating an unforgettable impression while authentically representing yourself, we discussed everything needed to make waves in this field. They also touched on how their past experiences have shaped their creative perspectives, showing just how influential one’s story can be. With their team at Cipher Block Studios underlining many critical topics within tech, we now know what it takes to not only foster a valuable career but also make sure you feel confident doing so!

Looking Ahead – What’s Next for Cipher Block Studios

With our recent podcast appearance complete, we are looking ahead to the future and planning on reaching ever greater heights. One of our core focuses is the progress of our current game Soul Seeker, the team looks to push it even further with a potential Kickstarter campaign soon in the works. With support from Travis Pointer from Creatia World as well as a plethora of other outlets, Cipher Block Studios aims to spread the word about their fantastic projects and set new records in terms of both knowledge and experience. With this spark, Cipher Block Studios hopes to shoot for further success in the field with many more podcasts and much more development!

In conclusion, our podcast interview with Travis Pointer from Creatia World was a great opportunity for us to share our vision and experiences with fellow creators. We’re grateful for the close look he gave into our creative process, which has been an exciting adventure of trial and error. Through his generous advice and examples, we have gained assurance that innovation should be at the forefront of industry ideas, which is core to Cipher Block Studios’ mission. We are excited to embark on this journey and put the tips we’ve gotten from Travis into use as we continue working toward success. So please be on the lookout for our Kickstarter campaign in the coming weeks! Also don’t forget to buy our comic – it’s sure to bring you joy! let us know how much you enjoyed it down in the comments section below. All of us from Cipher Block Studios wish you a creative journey full of surprises, successes, and joy!

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