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Soul Seeker

The planet Krotoa is ravaged by the Culled after centuries of war. Two young individuals meet, and their world changes the outcome of the planet. Xion, a young neophyte in training, and Sahara, a young, ambitious rebel. The synergy between Xion and Sahara brings about the next great turning of Krotoa. Who knows what adventures this connection will bring?

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Giving away 1st Edition of Soul Seeker Manga! Introducing our story in Manga format and ending with a Playable RPG. Join us for the journey!

Who is Cipher Block Studios? – Creators in Creatia

Our First Podcast Experience! It all started out as just a dream - to share our story with the world. What began as a small...

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Who is Cipher Block Studios?

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"Cipher Block Studios is an independent game developer, currently creating action-based love story games in both manga and video game formats. We are determined to create the best quality content possible by using our unique skillset in Manga design, 3D modeling, and programming. Cipher Block Studios' goal is to expand our horizons by bringing these games to consoles like PS5/Xbox One for mass consumption!"

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