We had an amazing time at ATL Comic Con and want to thank everyone who came by our booth! We loved meeting all of you and hearing about your favorite comics, games, and cosplays. It was great to see so many people enjoying themselves and getting into the spirit of things. Thank you for making our first convention a memorable one! We can’t wait to do it again next year!

We loved meeting everyone and seeing all the amazing cosplays! There were so many creative designs and characters – we were blown away by your skills. From Hitman to Lord of the Rings, we saw it all!

At “Atlanta’s Comic Convention” we had an incredible time at our booth. We were absolutely thrilled to meet everyone who stopped by and grateful for all the support we received! Seeing all of the cosplays also blew us away – every one of them was crafted with such precision and passion, from Hitman to Lord of the Rings. It was like a cosplay paradise! We’re so thankful for this experience and can’t wait for our next convention.

It was great to finally meet so many comic and game enthusiasts in person.

Attending Atlanta’s Comic Convention was a once-in-a-lifetime experience for Soul Seeker – one that was celebrated with so much enthusiasm! It was incredible to come face-to-face with the vibrant gaming community and meet people who share a passion for comics and games. We were stunned by the wealth of creative cosplays, and we’d like to express our gratitude for all of the support shown throughout the event. It is such a satisfying feeling to contribute to an event so great! Thank you again.

We appreciate all your support, and we’re looking forward to next year’s convention already!

We had an amazing time at our first Atlanta Comic Convention and the support from everyone was incredible! We feel lucky to have had such a great experience and can already not wait for next year’s convention. The enthusiasm in the convention hall was palpable, and we were enthralled to see all of the creative cosplays that passed by our booth. For all of you who supported us this year, we thank you—we’re looking forward to our next adventure together.

In conclusion, we had an amazing time at Atlanta’s Comic Convention and we loved meeting everyone. We enjoyed seeing the many different cosplays, as well as having a chance to connect with so many other comic and game enthusiasts in person. Our team is truly grateful for all of the support we received from our fans and admirers – it was truly inspirational. We’re already excited to come back next year! Until then, don’t forget that Soul Seeker comics, hoodies, and other merchandise are still available for purchase on our website. And if you’re curious about what may come next for us, feel free to give us a follow on social media or shoot us an email – we always love hearing from our supporters! Thank you again from the bottom of our hearts; here’s to many more successful conventions, cosplays, and adventures to come!

We’re so excited to have attended our first convention ever this past weekend – Atlanta’s Comic Convention 2023! It was incredible meeting so many fellow gamers and comic readers, and seeing all the amazing cosplays. We’re truly grateful for all the support we received from everyone. Check out some highlights from our weekend below!


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