Pokémon Scarlet & Violet Tatsugiri and Dondozo
Picture: Nintendo Life

The previous artwork director of Pokémon Sword & Defend James Turner is engaged on new pastures proper now, growing the reasonably wonderful-looking The Plucky Squire. However that does not imply Pokémon is within the rearview mirror for the artist, and over the previous few days on Twitter, he is confirmed that he designed two Pokémon for Scarlet & Violet.

Apparently, the 2 Pokémon Turner has (up to now) revealed he labored on are closely related to one another — Tatsugiri, the sushi fish Pokémon, and Dondozo, the large catfish-like creature. Tatsugiri is understood to play useless to draw prey, and as soon as it is in sight, it instructions Dondozo to assault. Tatsugiri usually lives inside Dondozo’s mouth. You could find each of those Pokémon at Casseroya Lake.

Tatsugiri is available in three totally different types — Curly (orange), Droopy (purple), and Stretchy (yellow) — and is called the Mimicry Pokémon. However it’s a cute little piece of sushi to us! It is also Dragon/Water-type

Dodozo, nevertheless, is something however little. A pure Water-type Massive Catfish Pokémon, Dondozo is only in Double Battles with Tatsugiri. The little fish can use its distinctive Commander means, which implies it is going to sit in Dondozo’s mouth. Then, if Tastugiri makes use of the transfer Order Up, it is going to achieve a stat increase primarily based on Tastugiri’s type.

Turner’s designs for each of those Pokémon are pretty — each of them stood out to us once we performed by way of the sport. He additionally confirmed on Twitter that he obtained to select the shiny colors for his Pokémon designs.

James Turner did not simply design Pokémon for Scarlet & Violet, although. A couple of months in the past, he confirmed that he designed the Pokémon professors of the era — Professor Sada and Turo.

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