Waypoints are one of the simplest ways to journey across the Diablo 4 map. Appearing as the sport’s Quick Journey places, these glowing factors of curiosity will enable you to teleport across the Fractured Peaks right away.

There are 7 Waypoint places to unlock within the Diablo 4 Beta. They’re situated within the following areas:

  • Kyovashad
  • Menestad
  • Bear Tribe Refuge
  • Yelesna
  • Margrave
  • Nevesk
  • Nostrava

Gamers want to go to every location and work together with the Waypoint to unlock it. Nonetheless, Nostrava’s waypoint would require gamers to finish a aspect mission upon arrival earlier than unlocking.

Listed below are all 7 Diablo 4 Beta Waypoints, proven on the Fractured Peaks map:

All 7 Fractured Peaks Teleport Waypoints Locations in Diablo 4

In fact, the Fractured Peaks make up only one small a part of the Diablo 4 map, however it’s all that Beta gamers may have the possibility to expertise.

Beneath you’ll discover close-ups of every area, together with the place to seek out every Waypoint.

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Kyovashad Waypoint

Kyovashad Waypoint in Diablo 4

Menestad Waypoint

Menestad Waypoint in Diablo 4

Bear Tribe Refuge Waypoint

Bear Tribe Refuge Waypoint in Diablo 4

Yelesna Waypoint

Yelesna Teleport Waypoint Diablo 4

Margrave Waypoint

Margrave Teleport Waypoint Diablo 4

Nevesk Waypoint

Nevesk Waypoint in Diablo 4

Nostrava Waypoint

Nostrava Waypoint Location Diablo 4

Not like different waypoints, the Nostrava waypoint requires gamers to finish a quest to unlock it.

Right here’s how you can full the search:

Methods to Unlock Nostrava Waypoint

Examine the Village

  • First, head to the highlighted part on the map.
  • If you get near the chapel, a pink cranium icon will seem inside it.
  • Enter the church and also you’ll be attacked by Negala and Crazed Villagers.
  • Defeat all of the enemies.
Investigate the Village Diablo 4
Credit score WoW Quests

Examine Villagers’ Properties

  • Head to the home within the southwest of the village.
  • Break down the door by attacking it.
  • Enter the home and destroy the Demonic Effigy inside.
Investigate Villagers' Homes Diablo 4
Credit score WoW Quests

Destroy the Demonic Effigies

  • Now head to every of the homes marked in your map with white diamond icons.
  • Demons will assault you as you progress across the village, so be on guard.
  • Break open the entrance doorways and destroy the Demonic Effigies inside.
Destroy Demonic Effigies Diablo 4
Credit score WoW Quests

Return to the Chapel

  • Head again to the chapel the place you have been first attacked.
  • It will set off a boss battle in opposition to Negala.
  • Shortly after, Negala will summon Torvala, and Kozira.
Negala Torvala and Kozira Diablo 4
Credit score WoW Quests
  • After defeating all 3 enemies, head left from the chapel to seek out the Wanderer’s Shrine.
  • Work together with it to unlock the Nostrava Waypoint!
How to Unlock Nostrava Waypoint Diablo 4
Credit score WoW Quests

Methods to Quick Journey in Diablo 4

To Quick Journey in Diablo 4, merely pull up the map with M or the View Button/Touchpad on controller. Then, discover one of many glowing blue Waypoints and choose it to Quick Journey to that location in a matter of seconds.

Solely beforehand visited and unlocked Waypoints will likely be obtainable to journey to. Fortunately, the method is totally free, permitting you to zip across the map as a lot as you need.

Methods to Unlock a Waypoint in Diablo 4

To unlock a Quick Journey Waypoint in Diablo 4, merely work together with the Waypoint with Left Click on / X / A. It will gentle up the situation and mark the Waypoint completely in your map.

After this level, you’ll be free to journey again to this part of the map at any level.

Sadly, your Beta progress gained’t carry over to Diablo 4’s launch day. Relating to June 6, all gamers might want to unlock these Waypoints as soon as once more!

However there are a number of rewards that may carry over to Diablo 4’s official launch.

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