In case you’re questioning which helps are normally performed with Lucian, listed below are the 5 finest champions to play alongside him this season.

best lucian supports

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The very best helps to play with Lucian in LoL

Lucian has all the time been a satisfying champion to play, particularly for ADC gamers. There may be nothing extra pleasant than kiting the hell out of the enemy groups, dashing and dodging all spells, all whereas allotting injury.

Although he might need a simple and pleasant equipment, Lucian takes plenty of time to grasp and convey him to most potential. It requires nice mechanical prowess, in addition to good assist companions to assist him get right into a place to snowball. Sure, as a result of in comparison with different ADCs, Lucian must get forward to hold the sport: it’s nearly crucial within the gameplan.

However that are one of the best helps to play alongside Lucian? We’ve compiled an inventory of the strongest champions that may work with him. We can be trying on the key strengths and weaknesses of those bot lane duos, so precisely the place their energy lies.

Nami – the no. 1 assist for Lucian

In case you watch skilled play, you most likely already now that Lucian and Nami are, for sure, one of the best pairing doable. At any time when there’s a probability to seize them collectively, do it.

Ever since Riot tweaked Lucian’s passive to work with therapeutic and shielding talents, Nami has develop into the first selection. It’s because she not solely empowers Lucian’s auto assaults along with her spells, however she will additional increase them along with her personal E, making Lucian have insane early-game buying and selling potential.

lucian nami

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In case you’re capable of finding a chance, Lucian can go in and chunk half of an enemy’s well being bar with a rotation of spells and Nami’s personal talents. The combos get even stronger as soon as each unlock their very own ultimates, additional boosting the kill potential for the gunslinger. Nami can use her personal Tidal Wave (R) to provoke a struggle or stop enemies from dashing into them, giving her good versatility in terms of enjoying aggressively or defensively.

If you wish to climb soloQ or win your Conflict video games, be certain that to play these two collectively. It requires some coordination, however you simply want a couple of video games to get a superb dangle of it.

Yuumi – The very best Nami different

Provided that Lucian and Nami are a recognized pairing, there is likely to be occasions when Nami can’t be performed. In that case, Yuumi might be one of the best different you may get.

Just like Nami, she gives good shields and therapeutic due to the brand new rework, though she can’t present the identical ranges of crowd controls. That stated, the peeling capacity is kind of comparable since Yuumi can provide Lucian nice motion pace bonus and slows down enemies along with her different talents.

Whereas the laning section will not be as sturdy, the 2 have good all-in at degree six with the 2 ultimates. The sluggish coming from Yuumi’s R permits Lucian to hit his personal final extra simply, and never let the enemies get away.

The one factor is being further cautious within the early sport since Lucian should not get caught throughout ganks or by enemy’s have interaction. If in case you have good dodges, this duo is unquestionably one to check out.

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Braum – The strongest tank assist

There are occasions when enjoying an enchanter doesn’t match nicely with the crew’s compositon. In such a conditions, having a tank champion that may defend the allies is best. Among the many listing of warden champions, Braum is your best option for Lucian.

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The primary purpose why these two are good collectively is the synergize between Lucian and Braum’s passives. Because of the additional assaults Lucian will get, he can simply apply the Concussive blows, gorgeous the targets. Whether or not it’s used to provoke a skirmish, arrange a gank, or lock down an enemy crew, this duo will all the time have this incredible combo to work with.

Other than that, Braum can defend Lucian by standing in entrance of him and tank enemies’ talents together with his wall (E). If it’s wanted, he can even forged Glacial Fissure (R) to knock up the targets in entrance of him. With the potential of making good crowd management chains, Lucian is free to reposition and discover the spot to dish out injury.

Whereas these two was the first pairing with Lucian ADC, the lack of injury attributable to the dearth of protecting and therapeutic talents is substantial. Don’t play this bot with the thought of getting Lucian as the principle carry of the crew: deal with it extra as a utility bot lane.

Thresh – some of the versatile helps for Lucian

Lucian and Thresh have an amazing lore story that hyperlinks them collectively via Lucian’s Spouse, Senna. So it’s not a shock to see them have some chemistry within the sport as nicely.

The very best factor about Thresh is his versatile equipment: he can work nearly with everybody within the backside lane since he can do a number of issues all nicely. It requires nice mechanics, however the outcomes are positively rewarding. Thresh has plenty of crowd management that allows Lucian to simply land his spells, whereas additionally providing good peeling instruments together with his Flay (E) and lantern (W).

The primary factor to grasp about this duo is that you simply don’t wish to be those enjoying aggressively: you’re trying to play in a kite-back fashion, with Thresh stopping anybody that tries to leap on Lucian, as he damages them together with his combos.

That is most likely the duo that requires the best quantity of belief and coordination between the 2, so watch out when selecting it.

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Sona – The atypical assist to play with Lucian

In case you’re not capable of play Nami or Yuumi, there may be one other enchanter that has been popping up just lately with Lucian: Sona. Whereas she’s not that well-liked, individuals have realized that she works extraordinarily nicely with him since she will increase Lucian’s passive with all her spells (all give buffs to him).

dj sona

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Whereas their laning section will not be as sturdy as Nami’s, Sona can nonetheless apply a superb quantity of lane strain if performed accurately. She runs out of mana a lot sooner, although, so it’s necessary to take the fitting fights and ensure to not waste the empowered combos.

At degree six, as a substitute, the 2 theoretically have the strongest combo out of all of the helps: Sona can stun a number of targets along with her final, giving Lucian the prospect to totally hit his personal Culling (R).

Sona will not be that sturdy of a assist proper now, however she’s positively playable alongside Lucian this season.

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